LF351 - Wide Bandwidth JFET Input Op-Amp - TI - DIP-8
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  • LF351 - Wide Bandwidth JFET Input Op-Amp - TI - DIP-8

    The LF351 is a low cost high speed JFET input operational amplifier with an internally trimmed input offset voltage. The device requires a low supply current and yet provide high gain to bandwidth product and a fast slew rate. Well matched high voltage JFET input devices provide low offset and bias current. The LF351 is pin compatible to standard OpAmp 741 and uses the same offset voltage adjustment circuitry. This feature allows designers to upgrade the overall performance of existing 741 based designs.

    Technical Datasheet [redirect to ti.com]  


    • High speed integrators 
    • D/A convertor
    • Sample and Hold Circuits etc.

    Other Information

    Package - 8 Pin DIP


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