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  • NUVOTON ISP-ICP Programmer


    The new 8051 ISP Programmer has two operation modes: on -line mode and off-line Mode. Under on-line mode, users can plug it into PC’s USB port and directly update the program memory of the 8051 MCU. In addition, owing to its built-in non-volatile storage, users can also download the code data into the ISP Programmer for the usage under off-line mode. Under off-line mode, since the code data were previously downloaded, users can also directly update the program memory of the 8051 MCU without PC’s intervention.

    The on-line mode is suitable for engineering development stage while the off-line mode is especially for production stage or the circumstances without a PC. Using several ISP Programmers previously downloaded with different code data, the product engineer can integrate testing and final programming into the production process. Thus the flexibility in testing and production is greatly improved.

    Apply to:N79E715/N79E81x series/ N79E845/844/8432/ W78E052/054/058/516 , N78E366/N78E517


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