Luckfox Pico Ultra RV1106 Linux Micro Development Board, Onboard WiFi 6 & BLE 5.2, Integrates ARM Cortex-A7/RISC-V MCU/NPU/ISP Processors
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  • Luckfox Pico Ultra RV1106 Linux Micro Development Board, Onboard WiFi 6 & Bluetooth 5.2, Integrates ARM Cortex-A7/RISC-V MCU/NPU/ISP Processors [POE Module Not Included]

    LuckFox Pico Ultra are low-cost micro Linux development boards based on the Rockchip RV1106 chip. RV1106 is a highly integrated IPC visual processing SoC designed for AI-related applications. It is built on a single-core ARM Cortex-A7 32-bit core with integrated NEON and FPU, and features a built-in NPU that supports INT4/INT8/INT16 mixed operations, with a computing power of up to 0.5 TOPs.

    Furthermore, it features a new hardware-based ISP that supports various algorithm accelerators such as HDR, 3A, LSC, 3DNR, 2DNR, sharpening, haze removal, gamma correction, and more. Additionally, it has a built-in 16-bit DDR2 DRAM to maintain demanding memory bandwidth, as well as built-in POR, audio codec, and MAC PHY. In essence, the RV1103 is a powerful processor suitable for various AI application scenarios.

    The development board supports multiple interfaces, including GPIO, UART, SPI, I2C, USB, etc., facilitating rapid development and debugging for developers.It's worth noting that the entire LuckFox Pico series development boards support both buildroot and Ubuntu 22.04 systems, allowing developers to choose the appropriate system based on project requirements, providing greater flexibility to meet specific application needs.


    User Manual / Datasheet / Example Codes Etc.



    • Chip: Rockchip RV1106G3
    • Processor: Cortex A7 1.2GHz
    • Neural Network Processor (NPU): 0.5 TOPS, supports int4, int8, int16
    • Image Processor (ISP): Max input 5M @30fps
    • Memory: 256MB DDR3L
    • Wi-Fi+Bluetooth: WiFi 6 & BLE 5.2
    • Camera Interface: MIPI CSI 2-lane
    • Speaker interface: MX1.25mm
    • USB: USB 2.0 Host/Device
    • GPIO: 30 GPIO pins
    • Ethernet: 10/100M Ethernet controller and embedded PHY
    • Default Storage Medium: eMMC(8GB)


    Package Includes

    • 1x Luckfox Pico Ultra W
    • 1x IPX 2.4G 2DB antenna





    Highly Integrated And Powerful Performance

    Integrates CPU, NPU, ISP And Other Processors



    • Single-core ARM Cortex-A7 32-bit core with integrated NEON and FPU
    • Built-in Rockchip self-developed 4th generation NPU, features high computing precision and supports int4, int8, and int16 hybrid quantization. The computing power of int8 is 0.5 TOPS, and up to 1.0 TOPS with int4
    • Built-in self-developed third-generation ISP3.2, supports 5-Megapixel, with multiple image enhancement and correction algorithms such as HDR, WDR, multi-level noise reduction, etc.
    • Features powerful encoding performance, supports intelligent encoding mode and adaptive stream saving according to the scene, saves more than 50% bit rate of the conventional CBR mode so that the images from camera are high-definition with smaller size
    • Built-in 16-bit DRAM DDR3L, which is capable of sustaining demanding memory bandwidths



    Reserved PoE Module Header

    Pin Definition
    What's On Board

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