VGA Coupler Joiner - 15 Pin Female to Female VGA Extender, Adapter
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  • VGA Coupler Joiner - 15 Pin Female to Female VGA Extender, Adapter

    Description of VGA Coupler / Joiner

    • Standard VGA Coupler
    • Also Known as VGA Joiner or VGA Gender Changer
    • Colour: Grey & Black
    • Gender: Female VGA Connections on Both Ends of Joiner
    • SVGA / VGA: 15 Pin Socket to Socket

    Uses of VGA Coupler / Joiner

    • Used primarily to join two VGA cables together
    • Also used to change the gender of the VGA connector for specific jobs
    • Can be used with multiple devices including
      • PCs, Laptops, Some HD TVs, Projectors etc

    Advantages of VGA Coupler / Joiner

    • Works easily and is just plug and play
    • Good quality work around where you are joining two VGA cables together
    • Low cost solution to real issue and comes with low cost shipping also
    • Saves having to buy a longer VGA cable if you had two shorter VGA cables that when joined would do the same job

    Disadvantages of VGA Coupler / Joiner


    • Any time you introduce a coupler or joiner into a cable run, you always have the risk of some signal loss but from our tests on this VGA coupler, these are very minimal

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