High RPM DC Motor 12V, 25000 RPM
Make: Johnson Electric
Availability: Discontinued

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  • High RPM DC Motor 12V, 25000 RPM

    This DC Motor with its High 25000 revolution per minute feature is frequently used in various kind of High RPM applications like those in Remote controlled  Model Aero Planes and for Suction. The 2mm diameter shaft of this motor has D shaped edge so that the shaft can be coupled easily with commonly available Propellors. 

    Specifications :

    Motor Type             :  Non Geared DC motor
    Shaft Type              :   D-shaped shaft with dia of 2mm and 15 mm shaft Length
    Maximum Torque :  Low torque
    RPM                         :  25000 RPM at 12V
    Weight                    :  75 Gms
    Max Load Current:  ~1A , Stall current : ~10A







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