MP2307 - DC-DC - Non Isolated Buck Converter Module - 1.8A (3A Peak)
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  • MP2307 - DC-DC - Non Isolated Buck Converter Module - 1.8A  (3A Peak)

    DC to DC Buck Converter module designed around MP2307 Switcher IC.


    • Non isolated step down module
    • Synchronous Rectification
    • Inout Voltage 4.75V to 23V
    • Output Voltage 1.0V to 17V Adjustable
    • Output Current 1.8A continous 3A peak
    • conversion efficiency 36 percent
    • Switching frequency 340KHz
    • Output Ripple 30mV at no load
    • Short circuit Protection NO
    • Reverse Input protection NO
    • Size  - 22x17x4 mm


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