PoE UPS Base Board Designed for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, Gigabit Ethernet, Dual HDMI, Quad USB2.0
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  • This product is an IO board of the 4th generation of Raspberry Pi Compute Module. Compute Module 4 POE Board is a baseboard that can be used with Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, and supports POE power supply and 7~36V DC power supply, with four onboard USB2 .0 for user convenience.









    Uninterruptible Power

    It is able to charge the batteries and provide power output for the system at the same time from external power supply

    Automatically switch over to batteries output if external power supply is unavailable, keeps the system running without any trouble





    • Three external power supply options: USB interface, wide voltage DC, and PoE
    • When connected to the external power supply, the system will be powered and the battery will be charged at the same time, and the battery will be in a disconnected status after being fully charged, so as to avoid battery life damaging caused by frequently charging and discharging
    • When the external power supply is insufficient, the battery will provide power output together with the external power supply at the same time to ensure system normal operation
    • When the external power supply is connected, the system will keep running normally even when the battery fails or is taken out.
    • When the external power supply is disconnected, it will automatically switch over to batteries output without interrupting the system operation



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