CAPUF DC-DC Buck Module 5V 1.2A Output 6.5V to 15V DC Input
Make: CAPUF Embedded
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  • Tags: LDO, Buck, Regulator

    DC-DC LDO is a DC-DC Module with a TO-220 form factor. This is designed to replace existing Linear regulators in use, like LM7805, etc, and is pin-to-pin compatible.

    The main advantage of using this DC-DC is to reduce the heat generated in the Linear Regulator(LDO) and reduce the size of the design as now you will not need to put a separate heatsink on your board.

    Specifications : 

    • Made in India
    • MPN : CE-DC-DC-LDOA-5.0
    • Uses Texas Instruments DC-DC Converter IC TPS563201
    • Compact size: 16mm x 13mm
    • Input Voltage: 6.5V to 15V DC
    • Output Voltage: 5V
    • Peak Efficiency: >91%
    • Continuous Current: 1.2A
    • Peak Current: 3A
    • DC-DC operates at ~600Khz
    • 100% of modules are tested in India at full load before shipping


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