USB Audio Codec HAT for Jetson Nano, USB Sound Card, Driver-Free, Plug And Play, Onboard MEMS MIC - Speakers Included
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  • This is a USB sound card, support recording and playback, stereo codec, built-in microphone, and speaker. It is suitable for Jetson Nano. driver-free, plug, and play. As We Know, There's No Audio Output From The Jetson Nano Developer Kit, And This Module Is Designed To Fit The Puzzle With Capabilities Like Sound Collection, Music Playback, Speech Recognition, Robot Dialog, And So On...

    Package Content

    • Audio Card for Jetson Nano x1
    • 8Ω 5W speaker x1
    • Jetson Nano USB Adapter x1
    • Screws pack x1



    • USB connector, suits Jetson Nano Developer Kit series, multi-systems compatible
    • Supports both 4GB and 2GB Jetson Nano Dev Kit
    • Incorporates SSS1629 audio chip, using USB bus, driver-free, plug and play
    • 2x quality MEMS si-microphone, dual soundtrack recording, better sound quality
    • Standard 3.5mm audio jack for connecting earphone
    • Dual-channel speaker header for direct driving speakers, with volume adjustment knob
    • Providing demo codes for speech synthesis, speech dictation, speech wake-up, and speech dialogue


    • Power voltage:5V
    • Audo Encoder/Decoder:SSS1629A5
    • Control port:USB

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