MSP-EXP430F5529LP MSP430F5529 LaunchPad™ series MSP430 MCU 16-Bit Embedded Evaluation Board
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  • Low power application is now become inexpensive under the MSP-EXP430 module, TI launches a new and basic prototyping experience for users to create low power, and multivariate embedded applications in a snap.

    MSP EXP430F5529LP is a low power, integrated USB2.0, 16 bit development board featuring MSP430F5529USB MCU for developing access to USB compliant PC to Module performance boosted experience. To start the basic application journey, on board buttons and LEDs are provided for developing resource learning interface. The controller is 16 bit in performance with 128 KB flash and 8 KB RAM performing at 25 MHz speed. Application experience is vastly widened by the on board 12 bit ADC, Timers and serial communication of all types. Rapid prototyping is vastly simplified by the 40 pin header expansions and allows booster pack plugins for designing wireless applications, Graphical LCD and environmental sensing in a quick and simplified manner.

    Start developing with online developer's tools like CCS Cloud IDE and other professional Development environment are available to enrich the MSP430LP performance.

    Key Features:

    • USB 2.0-enabled MSP430F5529 16-bit MCU
    • Up to 25 MHz
    • 128KB Flash and 8KB RAM
    • 12 Bit SAR ADC
    • Various USB device class examples and embedded software libraries available (CDC, HID, MSC)
    • eZ-FET lite: Open source onboard debugger with application UART
    • One USB connection for emulator and target via the use of an onboard USB hub
    • USB as power source: 5V and 3.3V through a high efficiency DC/DC converter
    • 40 pin LaunchPad standard leveraging the BoosterPack ecosystem

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