DWIN DMT32240C028_06WTC, 2.8 Inch HMI Smart LCD with Capacitive touch, Serial UART MCU Interface 320x240, 65K Colors, 300nit Brightness
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  • DWIN DMT32240C028_06WTC, 2.8 Inch HMI Smart LCD with Capacitive touch 320x240, 65K Colors, 300nit Brightness

    2.8inch inch Smart HMI (Human Machine Interface) LCD module with capacitive touch screen. This LCD module allows the user to design a rich GUI based interactive system on the LCD. It has audible ton indicationa s the user interacts with the module. This type of smart LCD can be used in a variety of machines such as vending machine etc where an end user need to interact with the machine.

    Any microcontroller can serially communicate with this module to send or receive the data. Standard UART based serial communication interface allows the same. Special GUI and functionality design software is available for the design of the interaction flow on the smart LCD. Flexible approach to communicate with the LCD module open a lot of applications possibility. A variety of HMI utility can be achived using this fast response, capacitive touch smart HMI display module.

    We provide after sales technical support to our customers to sucessfully integrate the module in their end systems. You can avail the same thorugh email support.

    Specifications : 

    • 65K RGB colors
    • 320*240 pixel resolution
    • 300nit Brightness
    • Supply Voltage : 4.5 to 5V DC
    • Operating Current : 220mA
    • Weigth - 44g
    • Interface - Serial UART

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