8inch Capacitive Touch Display, Wide Color Gamut, 1280×800, Optical Bonding Toughened Glass Panel, HDMI/Type-C Display Interface
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  • 8inch Capacitive Touch Display, 1280×800, Optical Bonding Toughened Glass Panel, HDMI/Type-C Display Interface

    The 8HP-CAPLCD Monitor is a small, high-resolution, wide-color gamut general-purpose capacitive touch monitor compatible with most standard HDMI devices.

    Comes with an aluminum alloy case, toughed glass panel, excellent display performance, and smooth multi-touch effect


    User Manual / Datasheet / Example Codes Etc.



    • 8-inch wide-color gamut IPS panel, 1280 x 800 hardware resolution.
    • Supports standard HDMI and full-featured Type-C display signals
    • 10-point capacitive touch, toughened glass panel with 6H hardness.
    • Adopts optical bonding technique for better display.
    • Supports Raspberry Pi OS / Ubuntu / Kali and Retropie when used with Raspberry Pi.
    • Supports Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 when used as a computer monitor.
    • Multi-language OSD menu support (for power control, adjusting brightness/contrast, etc.)
    • Supports HDMI/Type-C audio output, onboard 3.5mm headphone jack, and 4PIN speaker jack.


    IPS Display Panel

    Excellent Display Performance With 178° Wide Viewing Angle

    Wide Color Gamut LED Technology

    Wider Color Gamut, More Pure Chroma Color Gamut Of This Display Is Up To NTSC 82%, Chroma Increases 58.3%, Makes The Color More Pure, More Vivid

    Dual-Track Speaker

    Ferrite Hi-Fi Speaker, Larger Volume, Wider Sound Range, Better Sound Quality

    Comes With Triangular Stand

    Interface IntroductionPackage IncludesDimensions

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