5V 2A SMPS Circuit Board - 220V AC to 5V 2A DC Converter
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  • 5V 2A SMPS Circuit Board - 220V AC to 5V 2A DC Converter 

    Open frame circuit board for 5V 2A SMPS. Can be used in batttery charging applications or in any other application requiring 5V 2A DC supply. Small in size, based on CT5503S Charging control IC with built in 800V/3A BJT for high voltage switching control. As claimed in the specifications, this circuit board is tested in house to deliver actual 2A of output current at a constant output of 5VDC.

    Mechanical Dimensions - 4cm(W) x 4cm(L) x 1.5cm(H) 

    Switcher Features :

    • Built-in 850V BJT
    • Quasi-Resonant Primary Side Regulation (QR-PSR) Control with High Efficiency
    • Standby power<70mw
    • Low start-up current <1uA
    • High efficiency(Meet Energy Star 6.0)
    • Multi-Mode PSR Control
    • Fast Dynamic Response
    • Built-in Dynamic Base Drive
    • Audio Noise Free Operation
    • ±5% CC and CV Regulation
    • Build in Protections:
      • Short Load Protection (SLP)
      • Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting (OCP)
      • Leading Edge Blanking (LEB)
      • On-Chip Thermal Shutdown (OTP)
      • VDD OVP & UVP & Clamp


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