Solder Fumes Extractor - Model BK493 - Solder/ Desolder Smoke Absorber
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  • Solder Fumes Extractor - Model BK-493 - Solder/ Desolder Fumes Absorber

    Most of the solder wires and solder paste and fluxes contain harmful chemicals such as lead which is highly toxic. Person involved in the soldering job must avoid breathing the fumes coming out duuring the process. This solder fumes absorber is of great help to avoid health risk to the soldering system operator. It has a fan which attracts the fumes anf activated charcol carbon filter traps the harmful particles into it. A must have tool for soldering workstation in the industry and individual businessed such as repair and electronic design industry.

    Operating voltage - 220VAC 50Hz
    Net weight -1200grams
    Package includes - 1x Solder fumes extractor, 1x carbon filters, 1x user manual, 1x Plastic Back Attachment, 1x outer box

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