Waveshare 4.2inch Passive NFC-Powered e-Paper, No Battery
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  • 4.2inch Passive NFC-Powered e-Paper, No Battery

    This is an NFC-powered 4.2inch e-Paper Module, with 400 x 300 resolution. Users can transmit data from a smartphone or NFC reader to e-Paper and refresh it by NFC.


    User Manual / Datasheet / Example Codes Etc.



    • No backlight required, e-Paper can keep displaying the last content for a long time without power.
    • It does not contain a power supply such as a battery, You can modify the display content by smartphone, suitable for applications where power is limited.
    • The displayed content can be customized and controlled by the user at any time through the smartphone, which is convenient and flexible.
    • Suitable as equipment labels, shelf labels, information storage, etc.
    • Equipped with ABS plastic shell with good strength and toughness.
    • Provide a supporting Android APP to help users edit and manage the display content of the ink screen.
    • Provide complete supporting information and manual.



    • Power: NFC-powered
    • Resolution: 400 x 300
    • Dot pitch: 0.212 x 0.212
    • Refresh time: 4s
    • Display color: black, white
    • Viewing angle: >170°
    • Outline dimension: 105.0mm x 94.1mm x 9.90mm
    • Display dimension: 84.8mm x 63.6mm



    Wireless NFC-Powered Display Refreshing


    How It Works



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