High-Precision AD HAT For Raspberry Pi, ADS1263 10-Ch 32-Bit ADC
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    High-Precision AD HAT For Raspberry Pi, ADS1263 10-Ch 32-Bit ADC




    • Resolution(Bits): 32
    • Input channels: 10
    • Sample rate(MAX): 38kSPS
    • PGA Magnification(MAX): 32
    • BUS: SPI
    • Structure: Delta-Sigma
    • Input type: differential, single-end
    • Reference voltage: internal, external
    • Input voltage range (MAX): 2.5V,5V
    • Input voltage range(MIN):-2.5V, 0V


    • Adopts ADS1263 chip, low noise, low-temperature drift, 10-ch 32-bit high precision ADC (5-ch differential input), 38.4kSPS Max sampling rate
    • with embedded 24-bit auxiliary ADC, internal ADC test signal, IDAC, 2.5V internal reference voltage, 8x multiplexing GPIO, PGA (32 times Max)
    • Onboard AD header input, compatible with Waveshare sensor pinout, for connecting sorts of sensor modules
    • Onboard AD screw terminal input, allows connecting analog signal and analog power supply, general-purpose interface
    • Onboard control header, make it easy to control the module by other hosts in addition to Raspberry Pi
    • Three-wire RTD (resistor temperature detector) circuit, enabled by soldering 0R resistor

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