5V 700mA (3.5W) Isolated SMPS AC-DC Buck Module
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  • 5V 700mA (3.5W) Isolated SMPS AC-DC Buck Module

    Small sized AC to DC buck converter module. Converts 220AC mains input into clean 5V DC output with up to 700mA current output. Small enough to be included inside the product or on the PCB itself.

    • Input voltage: AC 85 ~ 265 v 50/60 hz or DC 100~ 370 v
    • Input current: 0.0273A(AC110V) 0.014A(AC220V)
    • Input Inrush Current: 20A
    • Output voltage: DC 5V (+ / - 0.2 V)
    • Output current 700 mA
    • Power 3.5 W
    • Operating temperature -20~60 degree
    • Relative humidity 40-90%RH
    • min current 0a, max current 700mA, peak current: 800mA,
    • output range: 4.8~5.2v, ripple wave: 60mV Output power:0-4W(DC current)
    • Output efficiency: 80%
    • Switch machine overshoot: MAX 10%
    • Output voltage rise time: MAX 100MS
    • Output over voltage: 4.8-5.2V,
    • Output over power protection:YES ,
    • Short-circuit protection: YES, 

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