TS555CN - CMOS Low Power Analog Timer - DIP8
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  • TS555CN - CMOS Low Power Analog Timer - DIP8

    The TS555 is a single CMOS timer which offers very low consumption (Icc TS555 = 110µA at VCC=+5V versus Icc NE555 = 3mA) and high frequency f(max.) TS555 = 2.7MHz versus f(max.) NE555 = 0.1 MHz) Thus, either in Monostable or Astable mode, timing remains very accurate. The TS555 provides reduced supply current spikes during output transitions, which enables the use of lower decoupling capacitors compared to those required by bipolar NE555. Timing capacitors can also be minimized due to high input impedance (1012Ω). 

    Technical Datasheet [DP- PDF]



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