MIC Pre-Amplifier Module - MAX9812 Module - CZN15E MIC - PreAmp
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  • MIC Pre-Amplifier Module - MAX9812 Module - CZN15E MIC - PreAmp

    MAX9812 chip based electret MIC pre amplifier module with Analog output. This module gives a 20dB fixed gain to your Audio input signals. This board includes a high quality CZN-15E omni directional microphone. Works at 2.7V to 3.3V. 

    Using this module is super easy. Provide a 3.3V power supply and connect Audio output of this module to Power amplifier or Audio Input of any PA systems power amplifier and you have a good fidelity MIC. Speak on microphone and get it amplified using any audio amplifier, home speakers etc. Your home speaker and this MIC preamp module makes a small PA System, let them hear your voice loudly! 

    This module also has a 4mm Mounting hole to fix the module in your project enclosures or PCBs.

     MAX9812 provide all the necessary noise rejection and bias voltage for Microphone. It gives a prefect linear audio output preamplified to be fed in to any audio power amplifier or speech/audio processor.

    MAX9812 Datasheet [PDF - maximIntegrated]

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