Mini ST-Link V2 - STM8 - STM32 Programmer/ Debugger
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  • Mini ST-Link V2 - STM8 - STM32 Programmer/ Debugger

    This is a low cost version of ST's ST-Link V2 Adapter. It can program both STM8 and STM32 Family of controllers by ST Microelectronics. It has 4 Pin SWD connector to program STM8 controller and standard 5 Pin SWIM connector to program/ debug STM32 Family of controllers. 

    • Supports STVP for STM8 Programming.
    • Supports ST-Link Utility for STM32 Programming/ Debugging.
    • Works as standard ST-Link V2 with same set of device drivers.

    Package Includes

    1. 1x 4 Pin SWD connector cable (2.54mm Pitch) w/ Female connectors at both ends.
    2. 1x 5 Pin Connector for SWIM
    3. 1x ST-LinkV2 module


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