SP200SE- Device Programmer - 8051/52, AVR, EEPROM Programmer
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  • SP200SE- Device Programmer - 8051/52, AVR, EEPROM Programmer

    This device programmer is able to program a wide number of device ranging from 8051/52 Devices by Atmel, SST and Winbond. MegaAVR and TinyAVR devices by Atmel and Serial EEPROM by ST Microelectronics and Microchip.

    Download Device Drivers for SP200SE[ 178 KB ]

    Download the Programmer Software [Windows - 1257 KB]

    Tutorial on Getting Started with SP200SE

    Package Includes

    1. 1x SP200SE Programmer Module
    2. 1x FRC 10 PIN Cable, for ISP
    3. 1x USB A to Mini B Cable

    List of Supported Devices

    AT89LS51 [email protected] [email protected] AT89LS52
    [email protected] [email protected] AT89LS53 [email protected]
    [email protected] AT89LS8252 [email protected] AT89C51
    [email protected] [email protected] AT89C52 [email protected]
    [email protected] AT89C51-5 [email protected] [email protected]
    AT89C52-5 [email protected] [email protected] AT89S52
    [email protected] [email protected] AT89S53 [email protected]
    AT89S8252 [email protected] AT89C1051 [email protected]
    AT89C1051U [email protected] AT89C2051 [email protected]
    AT89C4051 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
    [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
    [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
    [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
    [email protected] AT89S51 [email protected] [email protected]
    [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

    ATMEL [Serial EEPROM]
    AT93C46 [email protected] AT93C57 [email protected]
    AT93C56 [email protected] AT93C66 [email protected]
    AT93C46A [email protected] AT93C46C [email protected]
    AT24C01 [email protected] AT24C02 [email protected]
    AT24C04 [email protected] AT24C08 [email protected]
    AT24C16 [email protected] AT24C164 [email protected]
    AT24C32 [email protected] AT24C64 [email protected]
    AT24C128 [email protected] AT24C256 [email protected]


    93AA46 [email protected] 93AA56 [email protected]
    93AA66 [email protected] 93AA46A [email protected]
    93AA46B [email protected] 93AA46C [email protected]
    93LC46A [email protected] 93LC46B [email protected]
    93LC46C [email protected] 93C46A [email protected]
    93C46B [email protected] 93C46C [email protected]
    93AA56A [email protected] 93AA56B [email protected]
    93AA56C [email protected] 93LC56A [email protected]
    93LC56B [email protected] 93LC56C [email protected]
    93C56A [email protected] 93C56B [email protected]
    93C56C [email protected] 93AA66A [email protected]
    93AA66B [email protected] 93AA66C [email protected]
    93LC66A [email protected] 93LC66B [email protected]
    93LC66C [email protected] 93C66A [email protected]
    93C66B [email protected] 93C66C [email protected]
    93AA76 [email protected] 93AA86 [email protected]
    93C76 [email protected] 93C86 [email protected]
    93LC76 [email protected] 93LC46 [email protected]
    93LC56 [email protected] 93LC66 [email protected]
    24AA00 [email protected] 24LC00 [email protected]
    24C00 [email protected] 24AA01 [email protected]
    24LC01B [email protected] 24AA014 [email protected]
    24C01B [email protected] 24C01C [email protected]
    24AA02 [email protected] 24LC02B [email protected]
    24AA024 [email protected] 24AA025 [email protected]
    24C02B [email protected] 24C02C [email protected]
    24C04A [email protected] 24AA04 [email protected]
    24LC04B [email protected] 24AA08 [email protected]
    24C08B [email protected] 24AA08B [email protected]
    24LC08B [email protected] 24C16B [email protected]
    24AA16 [email protected] 24AA164 [email protected]
    24AA174 [email protected] 24LC164 [email protected]
    24LC174 [email protected] 24LC16B [email protected]
    24C32 [email protected] 24AA32 [email protected]
    24AA32A [email protected] 24LC32 [email protected]
    24LC32A [email protected] 24C32A [email protected]
    24AA64 [email protected] 24LC64 [email protected]
    24FC32 [email protected] 24FC65 [email protected]
    24AA128 [email protected] 24LC128 [email protected]
    24FC128 [email protected] 24AA256 [email protected]
    24LC256 [email protected] 24FC256 [email protected]

    SST89C54 [email protected] [email protected] SST89C58
    [email protected] [email protected] SST89C59 [email protected]
    [email protected] SST89E54RD [email protected] [email protected]
    SST89E58RD [email protected] [email protected] SST89E516RD
    [email protected] [email protected] SST89E554RC [email protected]
    [email protected] SST89E564RD [email protected] [email protected]
    SST89E554A [email protected] [email protected] SST89E52RD
    [email protected] [email protected]

    ST [Serial EEPROM]
    M93C46 [email protected] M93C56 [email protected]
    M93C66 [email protected] M93C76 [email protected]
    W78E51 [email protected] [email protected] W78E52
    [email protected] [email protected] W78E54 [email protected]
    [email protected] W78E58 [email protected] [email protected]
    W78E51B [email protected] [email protected] W78E52B
    [email protected] [email protected] W78E54B [email protected]
    [email protected] W78IE51 [email protected] [email protected]
    W78IE52 [email protected] [email protected] W78IE54
    [email protected] [email protected] W78LE51 [email protected]
    [email protected] W78LE52 [email protected] [email protected]
    W78LE54 [email protected] [email protected] W78LE54C
    [email protected] [email protected]

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