1088AS - 8x8 LED dot matrix Module - 3MM RED LEDs
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  • 1088AS - 8x8 LED dot matrix Module - 3MM RED LEDs

    This 8x8 LED matrix module is very useful and low cost way to add display in your electronic circuits. It has 16 pins to achieve different combination of glowing LEDs. It fits properly into any standard solderless breadboard. Exact dimensions of this module are shown in the image below.

    • Emitted Colour: Red
    • Face Color: Black
    • Type: Row Cathode Column Anode
    • Wavelength : 625 ~ 630nm
    • Forward Voltage : 2.1V ~ 2.5V
    • Forward Current: 20mA
    • Dimesions: 32mm x 32mm x 8.0mm

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