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All other mechanics parts those do not qualify in any other Meccano Category.


Other Parts

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Metallic Pulley - 4mm bore diameter
Metallic Pulley - 4mm bore diameter A pulley is...
₹​ 42.00
Rubber Tyre for 1 inch Thick pulley
Rubber Tyre for 1 inch Thick pulley Material : High Quali...
₹​ 25.00
Bush wheel /motor coupling of 4mm shaft dia
Bush wheel /motor coupling of 4mm shaft dia This product ...
₹​ 35.00
Axle/Shaft Coupling 3 Hole
Axle/Shaft Coupling 3 Hole   A axle coupling is a d...
₹​ 85.00
Crank  Crank is used to make slider-crank mechanism&...
₹​ 29.00
Double Arm Crank
Double Arm Crank This crank can be easily rotate by DC mo...
₹​ 38.00
Swivel Bearing
Swivel Bearing  This bearing can be easily copled wi...
₹​ 29.00
Plastic Aero Bush
Plastic Aero Bush  .....
₹​ 2.00
Plastic Retainer CAP
Plastic Retainer CAP  Diameter : 5mm Length : 7mm...
₹​ 2.00
Handle This handle is used in making many types of mechan...
₹​ 20.00
Plastic Hook
Plastic Hook Dimensions : Total Height of the hook : 3...
₹​ 8.00
Tension/Extension spring
Tension/Extension spring A spring is an elastic object us...
₹​ 17.00
Plastic Hook - Yellow - 4.5cm Height
Plastic Hook - Yellow - 4.5cm Height  Plastic hook t...
₹​ 4.50
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