All other mechanics parts those do not qualify in any other Meccano Category.


Other Parts

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Metallic Pulley - 4mm bore diameter
Metallic Pulley - 4mm bore diameter A pulley is...
Rs 42.00
Rubber Tyre for 1 inch Thick pulley
Rubber Tyre for 1 inch Thick pulley Material : High Quali...
Rs 25.00
Bush wheel /motor coupling of 4mm shaft dia
Bush wheel /motor coupling of 4mm shaft dia This product ...
Rs 35.00
Axle/Shaft Coupling 3 Hole
Axle/Shaft Coupling 3 Hole   A axle coupling is a d...
Rs 85.00
Crank  Crank is used to make slider-crank mechanism&...
Rs 29.00
Double Arm Crank
Double Arm Crank This crank can be easily rotate by DC mo...
Rs 38.00
Swivel Bearing
Swivel Bearing  This bearing can be easily copled wi...
Rs 29.00
Plastic Aero Bush
Plastic Aero Bush  .....
Rs 2.00
Plastic Retainer CAP
Plastic Retainer CAP  Diameter : 5mm Length : 7mm...
Rs 2.00
Handle This handle is used in making many types of mechan...
Rs 20.00
Plastic Hook
Plastic Hook Dimensions : Total Height of the hook : 3...
Rs 8.00
Tension/Extension spring
Tension/Extension spring A spring is an elastic object us...
Rs 17.00
Plastic Hook - Yellow - 4.5cm Height
Plastic Hook - Yellow - 4.5cm Height  Plastic hook t...
Rs 4.50
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