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FT245 - USB to FIFO Parallel Chip - Evaluation Board
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  • FT245 - USB to FIFO Parallel Chip - Evaluation Board

    The FT245RL is a USB to parallel FIFO interface device which simplifies USB to FIFO designs and reduces external component count by fully integrating an external EEPROM, USB termination resistors and an integrated clock circuit which requires no external crystal, into the device. It has been designed to operate efficiently with a USB host controller by using as little as possible of the total USB bandwidth available.

    • Functional Integration.
    • Asynchronous Bit Bang Mode.
    • Synchronous Bit Bang Mode.
    • FTDIChip-ID™.
    • High Output Drive Option.
    • Programmable FIFO RX Buffer Timeout.

    • Power
      • Powered from USB bus or external power supply
      • USBPWRJMP: jumper for selecting USB or external power supply source, short it for USB and open it for external
      • VCC, GND pin headers:
        • When USBPWRJMP is opened, the board should be powered from external supply, use them for power input
        • When USBPWRJMP is shorted, the board is powered from USB bus, use them for power output
      • Voltage level is configurable via on-board jumper, VCC or 3.3V
    • Onboard Chips
      • FT245RL, USB to parallel FIFO interface device
      • ATtiny2313, 8-bit AVR® Microcontroller with 2K Bytes In-System Programmable Flash
    • Interfaces
      • USB connector
      • 6-pin ISP programming port
    • Human to Machine Interface
      • 8 data displaying LEDs
    • Others
      • WR_EN, RD_EN: Read/Write enable port, which is connected to MCU pins
      • TEST_WR, TEST_RD#: Read/Write test port, which is connected to MCU pins
        • Connect TEST_WR to WR pin of the FT245, sending data to the PC
        • Connect TEST_RD# to RD# pin of the FT245, receiving data to the PC
      • Controlling port of the FT245 are connected to pin headers, convenient for development

    Wiki: www.waveshare.com/wiki/FT245_EVAL_BOARD

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